Let our family collaborate with your family to help take care of your loved one.

The Good News

Skilled Nursing Facility teams are specially trained to provide your loved one with the medical and emotional care needed. Trained professionals are available 24 hours a day to assist with all health-related issues, and safety measures are in place to respond to emergency situations.

A Skilled Nursing Facility is an option to consider depending on the level of care required.

Short-term skilled nursing care for your loved one who needs temporary higher levels of care after a hospitalization can provide rehabilitative care to return the patient to home.

A chronic illness that is worsening is a reason to consider long-term care in a skilled facility. There comes a time when a family or caregiver recognizes that the level of care needed for a loved one surpasses what is possible at home. If both medical and personal care needs become too great for a family or individual caregiver to administer, then it is time to consider alternative living arrangements for the loved one. Additional help is often needed after a recent hospitalization or due to a chronic illness that is worsening.

Noting that it’s recommended to leave family heirlooms, items of great value, large amounts of cash, and medications at home, practicalities should influence the packing list.
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